Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tech Resolutions

I am linking up with the first blogger I followed!
Kathleen at

She is hosting a fun link up, one that will help keep me accountable!
I confess although everyone in my building thinks I am a techno guru. Sometimes when it comes to technology I choose to stick to the basics and do things the old fashioned way.
We have a SmartBoard, 2 iPods, and an iPad in our room. But we have acess to a classroom set of MacBooks and iPads. So I have no excuse to not use technology.
Resolution Number Uno: Use my SmartBoard during Center time. This might be a toughie because my kids use the white space with the “Overhead Projector” I have about 8 of the Lakeshore games and my kids LOVE them! They are always begging to play them more.

Resolution Numero 2: Figure out how to use the iPad cart at the same time!We love the cart, and although I am “in charge” of it, I don’t quite know how to use it as a whole group!
Resolution #3: Listening center, I used to have ALL my cds on my computer, until I got a new computer. So my goal is to reload them AGAIN!
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