Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Christmas Room Flip

Turning your classroom into a new and exciting place, can enrich your classrooms engagement. I love “flipping” my classroom for so many reasons. The main reason, is because you and your students are transported someplace new. Someplace outside of the typical classroom. It sparks engagement, and sprinkles fun in your room. During Christmas time I wanted to transport our classroom into something all my littles would instantly know. Someplace that is truly magical. We loaded our stuff and went to the North Pole, straight into Santa’s Workshop! I work with Oriental Trading, and they provided me with these fun decorations to flip my classroom!

What You Need:

We stated out with covering our walls with Design-A-Room Santa’s Workshop Backdrop to set the stage. All though with just the backdrop you can’t tell exactly where you are, you can see the festive “wall hangings” of red and green, and you can tell you are someplace during the Christmas Season. Then we added the Santa’s Workshop Cardboard Stand-Up and North Pole Directional Sign Cardboard Stand-Up. These two items, really give it away that we have been transported to the North Pole.

I moved a table into our dramatic play area, which is where we have done the majority of our “room flip”. I added the Christmas Fringe Table Skirt, and accessorized with the Classic Christmas Stocking. Later, in the week, I let each kiddo decorate their own stocking to make it their own. Then during our Christmas Party, their stocking acts as the bag for all their Christmas goodies!

When this is moved to the Dramatic Play area, is when the flip got exciting! I gave the kids Wrapped Present Tote Bags,  Classic Christmas Stockings, and Treasure Chest with Toy Assortment. I also gave them boxes and wrapping paper. I let the students wrap their own presents. They had so much fun, not only were they working on beginning special skills, but they worked on fine motor skills, and most importantly social skills.

We had a blast being transported to Santa’s Workshop! The students can’t wait to see where we are taken to next!