Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ho w to Keep Data

I am sure that as a teacher, you keep data on your kiddos. I thought I would share how I keep mine all together.

In the state of Oklahoma, we have moved to the TLE Evaluation System (Teacher and Leader Effectiveness). Our district chose to do Marzano, where it is a big deal to have the kiddos track their learning.  Some teachers are choosing to do graphs on the wall, while others are having a folder for each child. I went a different direction.

I have a single binder. Without it I would be lost.


(Please excuse the poor pictures, Have to use my iPhone)

I carry this bad boy around with me everywhere!

On the inside it looks like this:


The very first tab, which I haven’t labeled yet, is for my Common Core checklist. I use Marsha’s from Differentiated Kindergarten.


As the kids hit a standard I mark it off in my Data Binder along with my Teacher Binder.

Then the rest of the 23 tabs belong to each of my kids.


These are from my friend Jennifer over at Simply Kinder.


Each page is a different color. That way you can easily turn to the page you need. Letter Naming Fluency is always orange so when I am DIBELing, I can tell the kiddo to turn to their orange page.

Yes, that sounds scary. My kids do this.  Right now I am making the border and they are coloring it in.

There are two reasons why I like my single binder. One I can carry it with me any where I go. Two, when I go to a meeting, I just need to grab my binder and I have all my documents together.

I am off to bed. I stayed up to watch my Cowboys play, and am sad at how bad they are getting their butts kicks. There is always next week Smile Go Pokes!