Sunday, October 12, 2014

Custom T-Shirt Mega GIVEAWAY from Freebielicious

Every once in a while,  the girls at Freebielicious discover a really awesome product for classroom teachers that is so amazing, we just have to share it with you! Today is one of those days! Get ready because we are hosting a super cute giveaway for custom classroom t-shirts from We will be giving away a class set* of custom t-shirts to THREE lucky Freebielicious fans! Isn't that amazing?

These are NOT your average t-shirt designs. The people at ClassroomFaces are so creative, they found a way to print a collection of drawings from every child in the class on the set of t-shirts, to create a truly custom design! Nobody else in the world will ever have a t-shirt exactly like the one your class designs. The website may be called "Classroom Faces" but there are SO many more options for children to draw than just their face. Sample designs on the website show creative ideas using student handprints or drawings of the school mascot.
Since the Freebielicious girls are such good friends, we designed our very own set of Classroom Faces t-shirts. We enlisted the help of our talented friend (and fellow Freebie gal) Nikki from Melonheadz to create custom drawings of each of our faces. The finished t-shirts were absolutely ADORABLE! I absolutely love my new custom Freebielicious t-shirt from Classroom
2014-10-11 17.32.02LOOK it is me!! On my shirt!!

About Classroom Faces

Creating a class set of t-shirts featuring your students drawings is easy. Each child just needs to create a simple drawing. To create t-shirts with one-color ink on a solid colored t-shirt (like ours) each child needs to draw their picture using a fine point black marker. The ClassroomFaces website has downloadable templates that you can use to guide your students. Full-color illustrations on a plain white t-shirt are also possible. Look how cute these t-shirts are!


Extra Savings for Freebielicious Fans

Freebielicious fans that order a class set of tshirts can save $1 on each tshirt and receive 1 free teacher tshirt with their order using promo code FREEBIE14. Orders must include 15 or more paid shirts to qualify and must be postmarked by December 31, 2014

Enter to WIN a Class Set of Custom Classroom Faces T-Shirts

Now that you have seen how ADORABLE these t-shirts are, it's your chance to try and win a set for your classroom. The wonderful people at ClassroomFaces are graciously giving away a class set* of custom t-shirts to 3 lucky Freebielicious fans! Each set is valued at over $250. Stop by the Freebielicious blog for your chance to WIN!

*Up to 24 tshirts will be included in each prize pack. Winner can choose to order a class set of traditional single-color tshirts or tshirts will full-color illustrations. Additional t-shirts can be purchased for $11 or $13 (depending on t-shirt size and style). Shipping is free for winners that live in the US. If a winner requires shipping outside of the US, the winner is responsible for shipping costs. (Shipping to Canada costs between $5-$20 depending on weight and location).

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fire Safety Week (Shh don't tell!)

Hi Friends! It has been almost a month. #dontjudge I have been busy working with these ladies!! We were twinning on Friday so we took an #usie lol Aren’t we cute Smile
2014-10-03 15.39.46-2 

I posted an update on Insta of how my word wall is looking. I just love watching my kiddos utilize this!
2014-10-02 10.20.17

Anywho I thought I would hop in the week and show you what we are doing next week. Our Fire Department does this whole big Fire Prevention that the entire district goes too. They dress up as clowns and are crazy hooligans. The kids LOVE it! (We won't tell Officer Hofficer that they love this so! It might just break his heart) So I have been meaning to make a fire prevention pack. I have had it on my desk, and my kids are anxious to get their little grubs on it! 

In this unit, I added different response sheet options. Colored boxes for the dry erase pockets and b/w for the kiddos to color in. Along with the usual two color options for the centers.
In this unit, I added different response sheet options. Colored boxes for the dry erase pockets and b/w for the kiddos to color in. Along with the usual two color options for the centers.

K, On to the centers and activities!
In this center, the kiddos draw a card and add one more to the number.
In this center, the kiddos draw a card and add one more to the number.

Finding the missing number. We actually used this whole group this week, and my kids loved it!
Finding the missing number. We actually used this whole group this week, and my kids loved it!

Ten frames. We are a couple weeks in on these, and some of my kiddos still aren't quite getting this. The kids draw a card and fill in the ten frame.
Ten frames. We are a couple weeks in on these, and some of my kiddos still aren't quite getting this. The kids draw a card and fill in the ten frame.
We are starting sight word centers this week. Draw a card and have to write the sight word.
We are starting sight word centers this week. Draw a card and have to write the sight word.
Identifying how many syllables are in these words.
Identifying how many syllables are in these words.
And we are still working on beginning sounds. This is actually a center I will be using in small group
And we are still working on beginning sounds. This is actually a center I will be using in small group.

I am in love with these centers. But one of my units wouldn’t be complete without some games and activities thrown in there.
I have ABC, Sight Word and Numbers games thrown in there also.

We all know I couldn’t leave the police out! So I made a little pocket chart sort for what Police/Fire need to do their jobs.
Then we are going to talk about how to Stop Drop and Roll. I made pieces for a pocket chart and a cut and paste.
I am going to call our Fire Chief on Monday and see if someone can come see us in their bunker gear and help us fill out a Can/Have/Are chart!

All this is in my Fire Safety Unit on TpT!

Well I have  a couple of cups to make tonight and some homework to do! So I will see ya’ll later!!!!

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let’s Go Shopping

Hi Friends! I am back to weekend blogging! (And by back to, I mean I am actually blogging again) Today I just have to tell you about a great opportunity! Just stick with me for a few minutes and all the deets will be at the end of the post!

I am just going to say it, much to the chagrin of Officer Hofficer, I love to shop!! And if you follow my facebook, I have said a couple of times, when I like something, I buy it in all colors!!
Case in point, Old Navy Tees!
Here are two pictures of me sporting Old Navy Tees. They are super cheap and super comfy!! (Yes my Mom and I were Twinkies at church, and Yes that is THE Paul, founder of TPT!)
I went to Old Navy the other day, and told Officer Hofficer I would be in and out. and $35 later I was!
PicMonkey Collage4
They had their khaki pants on sale for $15!! That is a CrAzY good deal!! And that pink shirt, was marked $10 and when I checked out, it was only $5!
It is such a cute shirt, once again, I liked it so much I bought it in another color!
2014-07-29 17.25.28
This is the shirt on, just look past the cuteness of Hubs and I and the shirt! It is fitted through the chest, and looser on the bottom. And those sleeves! Ugh! So cute!

Then I bought the TShirts, they were only $7.50 a piece! What a DEAL!

If I had a gift card to Old Navy I know what I would buy, some more tshirts!
Soo.. What do you think I have for you!?
I LOVE me some Gap/Old Navy/ Banana Republic, so all you gotta do it enter the rafflecopter below Like My FB and My TpT store for your chance to win!!

THEN head on over to Freebielicious and we are giving away a…

and we are giving away all sorts of Gift Cards on our blogs!


Happy Shopping Smile

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Library Nook

Hi Friends!! Happy Saturday! It is another great day for College Football!! Last night my High School beat our rival, for the first time since my Senior Year! And I am hoping for a Cowboy win today!

Anywho, a couple of weeks ago, I did a post of my writing center. I thought I might give you a little glimpse of the rest of my centers as I get them up and going!
So today lets talk about my Library.
reading nook
There is my Adorable library nook! I just LOVE it! Let’s talk about it piece by piece Smile
ball words
First up is my Big Book stand. But the best part about my big book stand is the side where my Ball Word rings will hang. (Do you know what Ball Words are? Check out a post by my friend Marsha at A Differentiated Kindergarten)

Also by, the ball words I have my clipboard bucket. Since my Library backs up to my Writing center. It lives in my Library Smile

Then my books. As of right now they are not leveled or anything. They are just in the tubs by monthly theme. So right now all my back to school books are in there. Next week I will trade them out of farm, fall and apple books. Aren’t those bins awesome! They are from Oriental Trading. Super Cheap and they are so sturdy!! They are $27.50 for 6 bins. 

And all the friends are from Kohls. I always buy their stuffed animals. $5 for a Cute storybook character. I have bought Clifford, Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, Curious George, Little Critter, and SkippyJon!

Then my absolute favorite part. And I am sure you have heard me say this many a time. I LOVE my bathtub!

Here is little Kaci on her first day of Kindergarten. In the bathtub that is currently in my classroom.

Do you see that precious canopy! I got it from Oriental Trading too! My kids just LOVE it and I can’t even begin to tell you about the compliments I get from coworker and parents!.

Did you see my little octopus (that only has 6 legs…don’t judge)

I love him! I bought those lanterns from OT thinking I would make some of these to hang across my room. But our Fire Marshall said No hanging anything from the ceiling (The canopy is hanging from the wall)

I also made them to hang in the hallway. (Apparently I can’t count to 8. These guys only have 7 legs!!!)

Well that is my Library. Hopefully I can be back later this week…Wait, who are we kidding, I will see you next week Winking smile

Oh! Actually come back tomorrow, I have a good opportunity for ya!

And a BIG THANK YOU to Oriental Trading for helping to make my classroom so cute and inviting! 

(Disclosure: I was provided products by Oriental Trading Company in return for my honest review. This review is based strictly on my opinion. Others may have a different opinion or experience with the products listed above. I was provided the samples free of charge by the company and I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received for this review.)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Different Way to use Word Wall

Hey Friends! I am sitting here, watching my FAVORITE TV show of all time. Which is when I usually blog during the week!
It is Gameday Baby!! If you have followed me even for a few seconds, you will know I love me some college football!! I bleed Orange and Black!! #GoPokes
Football Season is once again upon us my Brothers... Can I get an Amen?!

Anywho!! I posted a picture on my Instagram last night and I had a couple of questions so I thought I would clarify them.

This is the picture I posted:
Using your blank word wall for Beginning Sounds Anchor Charts

I am pretty sure that most classrooms have a word wall. I have a pretty cute one if I do say so myself. I was talking to one of our 1st grade teachers who doesn’t have one. And she brought it to my attention that mine will be blank for a bit until we really get started with sight words.

Using your blank word wall for Beginning Sounds Anchor Charts
I have a HUGE word wall, that takes up almost an entire side of my classroom, and all I could think of was ALL that WASTED space!! (But look at how cute it is!)

I have always done anchor charts as I introduce each letter. Which my kids love to do. I have made them like this and only posted a few at a time.
Beginning Sounds Anchor Chart
Well unfortunately those take up space, and my friend and I were talking about my word wall, and BAM it hit me!!  Instead of making anchor charts, that will only be up for a day or two and wasting paper, WHY Kaci, don’t you use your Word Wall.

Sorting Beginning Sounds
This is what it looks like on my Easel in my room. (Well actually this is on Friday when we are sorting our two sounds, I somehow missed getting a picture, but it looks just like the picture above, just on a magnet board instead of paper)

Then on Friday I transfer them over to my word wall.
Using your blank word wall for Beginning Sounds Anchor Charts

As We introduce sight words, I will add those to our word wall. Then you might ask, what are you going to do with your pictures once you introduce all your letters and have a bunch of sight words?

If you read my post about my writing center here, you know about my pocket chart word wall.
2014-08-03 21.00.25
I actually have used the same pictures from my Just Picture It unit. Just cut them out out and added a magnet to the back.

So I will take down my little pictures (Save them for next year) and introduce my word rings in the writing center. Easy Peasy.

I hope that Clears up some questions. If you have any more please don’t hesitate to ask Smile

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Where are You?!

Look friends! Two posts in two days!! Day Two of the BlogHoppin linky ready to go!



Day two, I have been waiting to show you my classroom! Are you ready?! Here it is!!!

empyh room

In case you don’t remember, this is the empty classroom I moved into about 3 weeks ago. Well here it is all nice and doneSmile



My hallway where my kids took pictures with their parents.I have redone this area twice!


The entrance to my room. I love the fishing net! We took pictures in front of it with our ginormous K on the first day!

computer area

This is Mrs. Hoffer’s diaster area! My desk with all my pictures. The ginormous blog logo covers my babies faces! I have a picture of each of my classes up there, also a picture or twelve of Officer Hofficer and I.  My DIBELS board is next to my picture wall. If you would like to read more about it here is a link:


This is a better picture of what it looks like behind my computer. I bought one of those huge oil pans, best $10 I have spent in a while.

2014-07-30 16.24.58-3


Next to my DIBELS board is my word wall and target goal board. Below is all my games and sensory table.

big wall

Since our district chose to follow Marzano we have to have Target Goals posted in our room and refer to them three times during a lesson. I am in LOVE with my board!

target goal



Then we go to my writing center. It is a little unorganized right now, because during center time, we are just using crayons. I am not brave enough to break out all the rest of the goodies! Here is some more information about my pocket chart and what I am going to use it for this year! {Click Here}

writing nook



Now. Please take a look at this fabulous reading nook. I am in LOVE! This is my absolute favorite part of my classroom. And really it is all in thanks to Oriental Trading! They sell these Uh-Maze-ing canopies! It is to die for, and I have have more compliments on it!!

reading nook



The bathtub, is my other favorite part. If you have read my blog before, you know the bathtub is very very special to me. This is a picture of me on my first day of Kindergarten, in the above pictured bathtub. It was in my Mommies classroom, and a favorite of many kids!



Then my teaching area. I love this rocker, I bought it on a Facebook buy/sell/trade group. This is where I spend 99% of my day.

teaching area


And next to my smartboard is my wall of information. Right now it is EmPtY but soon it will be filled with anchor charts, our our Great Expectations.



A couple of little things around my room.



My clipchart.



My library books.

ball words

Where I will keep my ball words once we get into them!



Thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s rooms!!!


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