Space Library

You guys! I am so excited to share with you my classroom library! Last year I did a Circus theme (which you can find here) but this year, I have taken down all the red and yellow, and am doing a SPACE theme, in cool colors. I am not quite finished with my room yet, but the library is complete! I am in love with it! This post was sponsored by Oriental Trading, and I did receive free goodies.

Here is what I used:
Large Green Pillow

One of my favorite centers in my classroom is my library. I am almost certain it is my favorite because of the bathtub that anchors it. This is the bathtub that was in my mom’s classroom, when I was in kindergarten. I have filled it with green and purple pillows, and a rocket ship. The bathtub is draped in a calming Canopy, with hidden planets on the inside. Can you just imagine laying in the bathtub on soft pillows and viewing planets hanging while you are reading your favorite book?

I love all the little details in this library. From the Clear Classroom Book Organizers with labels, to the bulletin board that will house our writing prompts through the year, to the Inflatable Green Flocked Chair  to the fun Space Shuttle Inflatable for Children in the bathtub.

In my library, I have a book shelf that holds ten book boxes of the ten most recent and upcoming themes we are learning about in the classroom. It also doubles as a nap mat holder!

On my bulletin board, we are keeping half of our writing prompts up year-round. I bought some two-pronged file folders, and cut them in half and stapled them to the bulletin board. Then I added this place holder onto the prongs. They are waiting to be filled with Pre-K writing! 

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