Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Color Mixing Room Flip

When I moved to PreK, one of the biggest things I realized, was that they didn’t know their colors! In Kindergarten, it was a given that they knew ROY G BIV, but in PreK they didn’t, and they sure didn’t know how to mix colors. So I put on my Lab Coat, and we did a big lesson on color mixing.

What You Need:
Food Coloring

We first had to set the scene with the Divine Discoveries Science Lab Backdrop, when my kids came back into our room they were AMAZED! “Mrs. Hoffer! We are in a LAB!” “Why are you wearing a science coat?”

The second thing they noticed were the Super Science Test Tubes with Trays. I had filled the yellow, blue, and red tubes up with water and a little bit of food coloring. We talked about each of these colors being a primary color! (It was helpful and a happy accident that they had just come back from art, where she was talking about primary and secondary colors!)


We started with purple, poured a red and blue test tube into a big beaker (that I got a Michaels!) and gave it a good mix! They were mesmerized! We did a prediction first, to see what we thought the color would be, then we tested! Surprisingly they were right!

Then I gave each kiddo a ball of Model Magic®, I gave half of them red, and the other half yellow. They had to work with their shoulder partner to mix the balls to see what color it created!

Finally, I grabbed my light table, and flipped it on the side. I used  Color Paddles to make green! When we made our prediction, they thought we were going to make black, but when we tested our hypothesis, we learned yellow and blue made green.

This was one of my favorite lessons to teach! I love transporting my students to a different place! I can’t wait to share, more of our transportations with you!