Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to School Books

I am linking up with BlogHoppin to tell you about my favorite Back to School Books.


Of course I go with every other Kindergarten teacher in the world with my first two books.

9780688147327 9780140562736

I can’t start the year off with out reading about Miss B and Chrysanthemum!

Then we always read about my favorite penguin. Tacky. “1-2-3 left, a-b-c right, stand up, sit down, say what’s for supper”


We always talk about how Tacky walks to his own beat. We talk about how being different is okay! Which leads us into my absolute favorite book of ALLL time.


“Ug-u-ly, ug-uh-ly, veeerrrryyy ug-us-ly” Stephanie stands up for herself to her friends. She says “Its MMMYY ponytail, and IIIIII like it!” My kinderfriends just giggle when I read this story. They will beg me for it all year long.

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