Thursday, August 2, 2012

Busy little Bee

I have been a busy little bee in my classroom! We leave tomorrow (or I guess today) for my in-laws house. I get to meet my new babies two weeks from today. That is 14 days, and we will be gone for 5 of them! YIKES!

On Saturday, I met up with some AWESOME ladies! We did our Okie meetup!

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We had SO much fun, I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t think I was going to have anything to talk about! Boy was I wrong! We talked NONSTOP for almost 4 hours. Our poor waitress, would come by to get our order, and we would be talking again instead of looking at the menu!


So much fun! We are defiantly going to get together again. We are wanting to meet with some of the Kansas bloggers as well!

On to the pictures of my mess  disaster area  nuclear zone classroom. Which is my excuse for being a bad blogger!


My word wall. It is high over my window, such wasted dead space. Have no fear, the kids will have a portable word wall in their “briefcases” so they can access the sight words.


I cleaned off a table! I was so proud of myself!! What had happened…I unpacked all my boxes…all at once. Looks better if I do say so myself! (Please don’t judge my mess Smile)


Some of my trash piles.  I think I took out 5 of those big trash cans!


Then my ADD kicked in today, and I had to decorate something.


After decorating, I started making my calendar binders, and turned around to grab the next page! The copier apparently didn’t like what I was making and started spitting them at me!  So I quit and went to Target to look for the cute $1 book bins. I have learned that when I see the cute things ya’ll buy there, I need to go back two weeks later to get them! They obviously didn’t have them, but I did get 25 math journals, star student chair cover, and two new books Smile

Between my classroom and a little shopping trip I whipped up these two little buggers. They are normally $3.50 but they are on sale until I get to Kansas tonight for $1.75!!


I will be back soon with new units. I am working on Sight Words and ABCs.  I also have a post on one of my back to school activities to do!

I really need to go to bed! I have a busy day tomorrow! Night!