Saturday, January 12, 2013

Science Day

What a day we had today in Kindergarten! We have been talking about Penguins this past week, and yesterday we threw in some Adaptation and Hibernation.
We started with “Bear Snores On” and talked about how bears hibernate.
Then we talked about how other animals sleep during the winter (We had more cards, but they fell behind the two on the ledge)  After hibernation we talked about animals who adapt to their winter environment. Which led us into a dramatic discussion of Penguins and their blubber and feathers.
We waddled our way down to the cafeteria to discuss blubber in depth.
This is our SPED teacher explaining that Mrs. Hoffer would be fine for a while because she has blubber around her middle ;)

We put our hands into icewater first then our blubber bag to see which was colder. We all decided it would be better if we all had a layer of blubber.
When the kids were at recess, we had a surprise visitor.
He was lucky enough to get to read “Cuddley Duddley” and about 5 more stories! They just could not get over that he was not in uniform! And he was asked about 50 times, “How did you get here” apparently, Police Officer’s can’t be off duty!
After school we made our way up to the In Laws. Where I had a very willing subject to read the book from KinderKay’s unit.
(I am so proud of this little stinker, she is in 1st grade, and reading on a 3rd Grade Level!)
These adaption cards and book is from KinderKay’s “In the Winter” Science and Literature Unit. My kids REALLY enjoyed it! The book has three different options that is tiered to your kiddos levels.
I did it different, but you can read the book, and this discuss the difference, and then use the cards again in centers to reinforce the concept. This is a really cute unit!!! I will be purchasing her Christmas around the World Unit for  next Christmas! Click the picture to take you to her store!
I promise I will be back soon! I have lots of things to show you from this last week!

Cindy and I decided that we would give away one copy of her Nutrition Unit and one copy of my yet to be released “Valentine’s Day Find Me Game!”


  1. Thanks for reviewing my Winter unit, Kaci! I am glad that you found some activities in it that you could use! We are doing the blubber experiment tomorrow!

    Blessings, Cindy

  2. What great ideas! I definitely need to do the blubber experiment with my kiddos next year. We sang the cutest song ever about hibernation/migration if you want to come check it out! :) So glad I found your blog, I'm excited to be your newest follower!

    Fun in PreK-1