Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Now Teach!

Day 3 (or 2 because I am posting tonight instead of tomorrow!)

IT is NOW TEACH! Organization! My weakness!!


Organization is super hard for me! But I try my hardest to keep my kiddos an I organized. These three “tips” keep me and my kids on our feet!



This is my “turn in tree” is. My kids turn their papers on the black crate, I grade and put in their mailboxes. At the end of the day, the grab their papers and put them in their backpacks. Easy Peasy!


This is my “Stuff Station”. The kids each have a color table, and they keep their stuff in their color station.  They keep their “daily” caddie. Which has crayons and pencils. Then it also has their “craft caddie”, which has scissors, and glue. Also it has their markers and crayon boxes. Goodness, they have a lot of school supplies! Did I mention that all the caddies and boxes are a matching colors!! Red has red caddies, red scissors and red crayon boxes.


Where I keep all of their supplies, Purple and Blue are school supplies and green and pink are math manipulatives. They can freely go get what they need, without asking and not interrupting instructional time.

Teacher Week Button

Well I better go to bed!! I have one more day of meetings! Then my kiddos start!! Open house was GREAT! I will share more pics on my Instagram!!


  1. You look VERY organized to me!! Love the color coordination.

  2. Love the color-coded, and labelled crates for the supplies!

  3. Is that a bathtub in your room? Awesome! I think my kiddos would love to read in there! :) Love your Stuff Station!

  4. Oh yes, color matching is a must in my classroom too. It's so simple for the kids.
    Over the 1st Grade Rainbow