Data Wall

Hi friends! It has been a while, don’t hate Smile I promise once school is out and my Masters is done, I will be around more! 


Anywho, I posted this my Instagram and Facebook today, and got a huge response to please post about how I am doing my data wall.
The state of Oklahoma said we have a new evaluation system, we went with Marzano, and he is big big big on having students track their own data. So the beginning of the year I posted this pic.


And for about 13 weeks it has just looked like this.  We are supposed to post their “zip code numbers”. I don’t know about you, but I was so afraid to try this with kindergarteners. I am sure it works, but I was afraid to try it. I wanted to try something a little more child-friendly. So we are going to try it this way….


This is what my board looked like today. Do you see any numbers? Noooooo. I came up with this idea on the fly today. All my kiddos have a “picture” image. It is in their cubby, to try to have them quickly learn. Now they do not have just random pictures. So Kaci for example would have a Kite, and Dustin would be a dog. There are 22 different pictures for 22 kiddos.
We are charting Phoneme Segmentation, Letter Naming, First Sound and Nonsense Words. We use DIBELS. I “progress monitored” my kids the last few days, to see where they are for the MOY assessment in December.

Welp, I am off to bed! Have a great evening!


  1. Love this idea of using pictures for people. We too use the same assessments and I too just finished. I am having my kids track their progress in their binders, but love the big visual. Must find wall space.

  2. Love the idea of using pictures! What do the letters mean at the top?

  3. What do the students score to get in the green, yellow, and red areas? Do they know each other's pictures?

  4. We are starting to track data but I have only done it for their binders.

  5. I love your data wall! I just finished graphing all my Dibels results for my data folder and would love to take it a step further with this idea. My question is - what about the students that will always stay in the red? I have students that I know will never reach the goal of green! I'm very concerned about their self-esteem. Any thoughts? Thanks