Sunday, February 2, 2014

How to Keep Kinders Organized

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I have got to tell you, the one thing about being a Kindergarten teacher that KILLS me is how needy they are. “Mrs. Hoffer, I need glue!” “What puzzle are we supposed to do?” I learned very quickly how to help them be self-sufficient. All I had to do was train them! So today I am doing the:
My bright idea is how I keep my classroom organized to help my kiddos be Self-Sufficient! I have 3 tips for you!

1) My first tip is my games. During FreeChoice and Literacy Station time, my kids play puzzles. I keep them in one spot. Here are my “Station” puzzles, and I have another shelf of “Free Choice” puzzle. (I didn't add a picture of that because it is a MESS!) This way I don’t have to answer questions of “Mrs. Hoffer can I play XYZ?” They already know that puzzle XYZ is in the Free Choice center shelf, not the Station shelf.

2) Tip number 2. How often do you hear “Teacher, I need glue!!!”  My solution is they now have a shelf. This shelf has everything they will never need to have. It only took me a few times of me telling them “Be a problem solver, where might you find the tools you need?” Now they don’t even ask me! They just go get whatever it is they need!
Feb 2

3) My final tip today is where to store their paper. These kids require a lot of paper. I tent to have stacks 3 foot tall in random places around my room. I invested in one of these bad boys. And now my stacks have been reduced to only one stack about a half foot tall (and that is just papers that I haven’t filled away!) They know where their mailbox is, and I hand them their paper and they go put it away for me :)

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy the rest of the hop! Go see Mrs. Poultney. She is talking about how how to differentiate math games with Dice and Cards!

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