Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A fun idea!

Before I tell you about my idea, I just have to share this ecard! Can I get an amen?! I am dead beat!

I saw the CUTEST pin the other day on Pinterest. It was actually not a teacher related pin, but I felt like I could adapt it to the classroom.
So I went to Walmart and bought some stuff to get to work. Red, Blue and Clear spray paint, and Magnetic Letters were what I bought. (I had the poster board already)

I started out by spreading the letters out and priming them.

I did a couple of layers of primer, then I had to post a question on Facebook asking if vowels are red or blue. (Because I had a major brain fart Smile )

Then (Since I was doing this outside at 10pm) our motion sensor light went out, I grabbed the closest thing I could, and threw it in front of the sensor. Weeellllllp…...

I threw it on the roof. Thanks Hubs for getting it down Smile

After I was done spray painting and sealing it. I moved the letters, and TADA! I have the correct colored letters AND a poster board that I am going to laminate and we will have a puzzle that my kiddos can match letters to during the fall.

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