Monday, October 27, 2014

Trick and Treat!!

It is my kiddos FAVORITE holiday! And what is a good Halloween with out a little bit of Trick or Treating!?!

I am teaming up with my girls from Freebielicious and we are sharing some of our best Tricks for the classroom and a little treat too!


My Trick for you is a very simple one! I was sitting at my desk the other day assessing a student. I could feel 5 little hands on me, all sayings “Mrs. Hoffer, Mrs. Hoffer”.  I thought I was going to loose my mind!  So I implemented a little tool in my room. This is call the “red line”… Ingenious name I know. But it does its job.

2014-10-21 10.54.54
Then I had a couple extra “SitSpots” left over from Apple week, and I plopped those down as well. Only one person is allowed behind the red line, and the next three people have to stand on an apple. It truly has made my life easier! And it is so cute to hear someone say “You can’t go behind the red line, that is Mrs. Hoffer’s space!”

And a little Treat for you as well! I am going to mark my Pumpkin Life Cycle pack free until Saturday morning!
Pumpkin Life Cycle
Trick or Treat!!

Now head on over to Sharing Kindergarten to find out what her Trick and Treat is!
Sharing Kindergarten

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