Saturday, January 24, 2015

All about Blubber

It is one of my FAVORITE weeks in Kindergarten. All about Polar Animals!! I have been sick this week, was told I have strep for the FOURTH time since August on Sunday. Anywho I was only in my classroom 3 days this week. I missed getting pictures of my kiddos doing fun Arctic Animals, but I did snag a could from Friday!

This is an activity that I remember doing back when I was in kindergarten!! When I got to school I realized I had forgotten the Crisco. So I called Officer Hofficer during my planning to bring some to me. This is the text I got. How little he thinks of my teaching abilities!


Once I got the Crisco in the bag and it all duck taped up, I sat it in the bag of water, then we had to wait for the kids to come back from Specials. When they came in, my teaching partner and I started to have the students tell us what we were doing. I got a good chuckle out of some of their answers! We asked “What is Blubber”

One of my kids said “A whale’s buggers” Um not quite. Then once we learned that blubber is the fat in Polar Animals I asked why they needed the fat. “So Vampires can’t suck their blood” was my favorite answer!

Needless to say, we got them straightened out! Then they got to feel the difference between blubber vs non-blubber.


When they all got to feel the blubber, I looked over at the blubber/Crisco and it was hard as a rock! I thought that was interesting. So note to self, don’t let it chill in the ice before you do the experiment.


Well I am off to finish my February One Stop Centers!

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