From one Kindergarten teacher to another!

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My sweet friend Mary over at Sharing Kindergarten
Sharing Kindergarten
is doing a link up of advice from one Kindergarten teacher to another! So I thought I would share four pieces of advice from me to you :)

I SO wish someone would have told me this from day one!! I don't even remember all the funnies I have heard. But I just know I could have written a book! Write those bad boys down so you have something funny to read on those days you need a little pick me up!

If you don't do this already go buy a huge pack of labels. In September, I print off probably 10 sheets of nothing but their names on labels. I label their backpacks, their glue sticks, their markers, their crayon box, if it belongs to a kindergartner, I label it. Also, If I am in a hurry trying to collect a paper, I slap a smaller label with their name on it too. Disclaimer: This is not an everyday thing, but when I am in a bind. Here are the links to the two labels I buy in mass!

This is one of my favorite things to do during the day! When my kiddos are at centers, and I am between groups, I like to listen to them talk. I love how sweet they are to their friends, and I love to listen to their problem solving. Just take 3 minutes to listen to them. I promise you wont regret it!

My number One Tip. Let them be little! They are only going to be Five once. Let them be little, don't expect them to sit still. Let them explore, and make mistakes. 

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