Monday, September 21, 2015

Must Read Monday #1

Hi ya’ll! I asked on my Facebook a couple of weeks ago, if you would be interested in a Must Read Monday. I was told YES! So here is the first week of #MRM

must read monday

Before I start, I am just going to let you know, in no way shape or form will this be professional books. This are romance novels. Yup. Nothing school related, so proceed with caution Winking smile

How this weekly post is going to work is, I am going to post a review of a book that I have recently read. Then just a brief synopsis of a couple more. Then leave some links of books that are on sale!

Knox is the local BMOC. Quarterbacks fear him, College Boys want to be him, and girls everywhere want to be with him! But do they want to be with him because he is a hot shot, or is it because they want to be the one to take his V Card? Knox is okay with being the best on the field and being the most sought after by all the women.. That is until he meets Ellie!
Ellie Campbell is gorgeous, and the sister of one of Knox’s teammates. She is also hiding a big secret. Can she keep the secret and date Knox all at the same time?
This was a great book! I am a sucker for all college football romance novels (since Officer Hofficer are I are a College Football Love story) It has romance, loyalty and it is darn near impossible to put down! I have told all the members of my book club to read, now my virtual book club needs to also!

A few more books that I have read this week:
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Drew Morrison is a Rock God. He is quite the playboy until Ashley Emmit joins his tour as a favor to one of Drew’s favorite professors. The sparks really fly both on and off the tour bus!

Lily’s life is dance. She has devoted her years to being the best of the best. To be the best there has to be zero distractions. That means no romance. However, when her long time crush is suddenly single and interested in her, she throws her rule out the window.
She is happy, or is she. Is Blane really as amazing as she has dreamed he would be? Lily turns to her best friend West (man bun included) to work through her relationship woes.

Buy Me While I am Cheap!

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Have a Great Monday!!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Apple Investigations

Hi Friends!! Back to School has been kicking my booty!! But I am finally getting in the swing of things! One of my favorite weeks is coming up, and boy I know that my kids are going to have a BLAST! I am going to tell ya’ll about some science that I do with my kiddos! So beware of a LOT of pictures and lots of fun!

Evaporation Experiment:
We take three apples, one peeled, one whole and one cut up into fourths. We leave them out all week and each day we measure them with a balance and unifix cubes. We keep track on an anchor chart. We start this on Monday, and continue through the week.
This is how they look through the week. I am not going to lie, they are GROSS!

Apple Tasting:
I just love talking about apples, and I REALLY love eating apples. So I get three different types of apples: golden delicious, granny smith and Fuji. I give each kiddo a slice of each. We taste them one by one. Then I give them an apple to color. They color it their favorite flavor’s color. Then we graph them. We do this on Tuesday.

Seasons of an Apple Tree: I read The Season’s of Arnold’s Apple Tree, then we together, make this anchor chart. Then we add details to what happens during each season.

This is a freebie over at TpT here:
seasons of an apple tree freebie

Apple Pie:
On Thursday we make apple pies and taste test them! We take premade dough and apple pie filling and make us cute little apple turnovers. So easy to do!! And then they decide if they like it or not!

Apple Investigations:
On Friday, we finally investigate the inside of the apple!! We make a diagram of the inside of an apple (The labels are a freebie over at First Grade Blue Skies HERE)
Then we peel and core the apples (I had to buy me one of these bad boys, because my former partner took hers with her when she retired)

Then we make the best smelling applesauce!
I hope you guys have a GREAT week!

These are so much fun to do with your students. I do have a file on TpT if you just want to print and make your own anchor charts. But these awesome activities can be done with out it!

apple science anchor