Friday, July 29, 2016

3 Tips to make Open House a breeze!

Hey Friends!! It is that time of year. Open House is right around the corner. I love it! I spend so much time in my classroom. Officer Hofficer told me the other day “You spend too much time in your classroom!”, I told him my hobby is teaching, so I enjoy working in my room. But that is a post for another day.
So, back to Open House. My sister in law called me the other day (she is moving from 3rd to Kinder) and was asking me about how I do Open House. I told her the basic run down of how I do it. So I thought that I would share three tips on how to make Open House a breeze!

Three Tips to make Open House a BREEZE

1) The ever important information sheet! Getting to know my students isn’t the only thing that I worry about before the doors open up at Open House. I also worry about contact numbers incase something goes wrong that first day, and medical or allergy concerns, and the most important, How in the WORLD are they going to get home!! That is my biggest fear that I will accidently send a little cherub home the wrong way the first day of school.

So I made these papers, and printed them on pink paper, so I know I have 20 at the end of Open House. You can get these here at  TpT:
2) My second tip is rubbermate storage containers. I used to have my students come in and put all their supplies into their cubby. Then my husband and I would be at school until midnight the night before the first day sorting though them all so they would have a place for their backpack. Then my partner and I had a brilliant idea. Why don’t we have the families sort them while they are here!
I printed off our supply list on yellow paper and taped them onto tubs. It was easy as pie! Now I just have to put away each of the tubs before I go home!
With both the labels and the tags I used this paper. It is super bright! Here is my link to Amazon if you want to look at it :)
3) I make Open House gift bags. It gives the kids a way to find their cubbies, and it is a little welcome gift from me. It also has a business card with my info and a letter to parents. I recently wrote a post on it for Oriental Trading. You can see that post here:
open house
I hope that this makes your Open House night a little less stressful!!
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Sunday, July 10, 2016

How Organizing my Word Wall saved my Sanity

word wall sanity

Hey Friends!! I hope you are having a FABULOUS summer!! I feel like mine has been flying by!!! I have made a trip to Topeka, KS to see my inlaws, a trip to Branson, MO to go shopping and am currently sitting in the airport in Dallas, TX headed to Omaha, NE. I can’t wait to share with you all WHY I am going to Omaha. It is going to be HUGE!!


Anywho, As I was cleaning my classroom and getting rid of all my kindergarten stuff, I came across this BRILLIANT reminder of how I used to store my word wall words. This is before I moved to magnetic words and it no longer worked.


Drumroll please….


I had a binder with baseball card holders. Very similar to these.


It was simple and efficient. All the words were in ABC order so if I needed the word “you” I could easily find it.


Now that I am moving to PreK I won’t have quite as many words for my wall. I also have to figure out a way to store my beginning sound pictures for they are easily accessible. So if you have any ideas on how to store those other than the ziplock bags they are currently in, let me know Smile

word wall

Here is my word wall pre-sight words, but with almost all my beginning sounds pictures! The link to the vocabulary cards are here:

picture it

I can’t wait to see what this will look like in PreK!

Have a great Sunday!!
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