Tuesday, April 24, 2018

PreK Hollywood Graduation Snack Table

If you know me, you know that I love a good snack! After our graduation, we always have a snack bar! It allows us to take a second to breathe after graduation, and a chance to chit chat with our students and their parents. I am so lucky that I get to work with Oriental Trading, and they sent me all these goodies to make our Graduation perfect!

Things You Need:

What movie night doesn’t need some good drink! I wish I could say that I created some amazing drinks to go with our Graduation, but it would be a lie! I just served some red Kool-Aid! I started the table out with the Pleated Red Table Skirt and Red Plastic Tablecloth Roll.

Then I used Gold and Silver Star Centerpiece. But confession, I CAN NOT stand mixing gold and silver (or navy and black or brown and black!) so I used two gold halves and made a solid gold star. Then I added the White and Gold Patterned Hanging Paper Lantern for just a pop of white!

Can we just talk about these cookies?! They were to die for! They were delicious!! They are made by a local lady who bakes cookies for fun! I could have eaten a whole dozen!

It is no secret in our classroom, that I am a sucker for popcorn! So we HAD to have the popcorn machine out so we could make popcorn! I just grabbed these popcorn containers at The Dollar Tree.

This was a pretty simple table for our graduation, but our students and their parents LOVED it! You can also check out how we decorated for our graduation HERE

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