Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crazy Week

Oh My Goodness! With the full moon, the crazy weather and I am sure the whole “My Broom Can Stand on it’s Own” business I am one wore out KinderTeacher!

I have been SO honored!

Both Ms. D at  eaglesnestbutton and Kelly at  button-778

have given me the Top 10 Award SmileAward_Top_10

Both of those Stinkers beat me too it!!

But I will follow the rules and pass it on to encourage bloggers!


Pencils Glue and Tying Shoes


There is a spring break coming up! This KinderTeacher needs some relaxing time with Officer Hofficer! I also get to go see my little sister in law. She is a kindergartener and I haven’t seen her in a MILLION years! 

Have a Good Evening!