Sunday, March 4, 2012


h my goodness! Is it Sunday already?! Where did my weekend go?

Actually I know where it went, I started selling Rainbow Cleaning Systems, and have been busy doing that all weekend! I am so excited that I get to spend a few evenings this week with “Office Hofficer”. I am very honored that I was given an award this weekend, I will have to pass that on tomorrow.

I hear my bed calling my name, but before I go, I will share some pictures of what we did this week!

photo 1 Our green eggs and ham graph, 22 thought they would like it, and 2 didn’t think they would. After eating green eggs, 22 did and 2 didn’t. However, they wernt the same 2.

photo 2 Yummy Green Eggs (They told me I was a better cook than their moms Smile )

My jello and red fish. Lesson learned, don’t put Swedish Fish in until the end!

photo 4 And my Yummy cake! It was layered yellow cake, one with a red layer!

Good Night All!