Friday, April 27, 2012


Welp it is Friday! We have had such a crazy week! Or maybe it just seems that way :) We talked about insects this week, surprisingly the girls were more into it than the boys were!  We did these cute projects from Amy Lemons, demodemoFrogsandButterfliesLifeCycleFun
My little guys did a REALLY good job making these!
photo 3photo 4
Then this is something that I did last year too. I think I might of found it online last year.
photo 2 (2)
We had a little drama with our chicken eggs. I didn’t do it correctly. They were supposed to hatch on Wednesday. Well that day came and went, and still no chickens. So I went and “borrowed” some from another teacher in town! The kids were none the wiser :)

Today was the big day, we got to go on a field trip! They were all sorts of excited and I was a little bit just as excited! We first got to feed the goats. The goats were so impatient with the little hands that they had to get the food themselves.
Then we went trout fishing in the big pool of water. That was SUPER fun/sad. The workers tried so hard to “fix” it, but some of the kiddos were heartbroken that they didn’t catch a fish.
Then came the GRAND FINALE!
The Camel.
And yes, Mrs. Hoffer DID ride the camel, and sang, “Sally the Camel had One Hump” the entire time. I was the “cool” teacher for about a whole 30 seconds! I wish I could post the pictures to prove it.
Pshew! I think this is one of my longest posts! Lost of pictures too! I had to make up for my two weeks of laziness and not posting anything. Be on the lookout for some new products!