Friday, May 11, 2012

3 More Days

My name is Kaci Hoffer…And I have a problem! Look at all of these goodies that I bought!

home-243171-0 - Copy From Natalie Kay

home-237408-0home-239823-0 From Reagan Tunstall

home-139996-0home-153704-0home-162143-0    From First Grade Blue Skies

home-147615-0 From Janis Noble

home-188716-0home-233733-0 From Live Laugh Love Kindergartenhome-203911-0 From Tara West

home-241452-0 From Vickie Plant

I found some AWESOME new sellers. I can’t wait to warm up my printer and laminator! I decided on an OWL theme next year, and am super anxious to start my room.

We only have 3….yes that says 3 days left of school. Then my room has to be packed up and ready to go. I have to pack up EVERYTHING because I am getting new carpet. I am soo excited, (but not looking forward to the packing). But on the other hand, I have now been teaching for two years, and there is a lot of junk things that I haven’t used so I am going to trash and reorganize my room. So I will be looking for new organization ideas.

See Ya around!