Saturday, August 18, 2012

AhH Saturday..

I forgot how much I LOVE Saturdays. My first two days with kiddos were WONDERFUL! I have such a sweet bunch. Knocking on wood, I didn’t have one problem the last two days!

But Lord Almighty, I forgot how tiring it is to teach to 22 five year olds. I came home both days and fell right to sleep!


I made this super-cute-if-I-do-say-so-myself picture frame at midnight the night before school started!

I PROMISE I will pull my room together tomorrow, and take pictures! I will post them one of these days. I will try to be back with pictures of my centers for this week. 1st full week back and we will be reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and learning our colors.

Ooh before I leave. Join us over at Kindergarten Lifestyle!


True story, I have been falling asleep at 7, right when I come home from school. My classroom is becoming my 1st home!