Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Behavior Chart

behaviour chart


I am sure you have seen these cuties floating around the internet this summer. This is my take on it.

My kids start out on green. We are “Ready to Learn”. When I catch them doing something good they get to move up and when they are not making wise choices they have to clip down.

We all strive to be on pink. That is when the good stuff happens.


I have these awesome rhinestone stickers. When they are on pink they get to pick one to put on their clip.

Above the chart, there is a ribbon that says:


When they have five “diamonds” they get to “retire” their clip. They will get a  new clip that is spray painted.

I really am okay with my kids being on yellow or “Slow Down”. Honestly sometimes they just have that physical reminder of clipping down to get their rear in gear.

When they are on orange, they have to miss a bit of recess or centers. And when they are on red, they have to call parents and talk to our principal. 

I hope this helps someone out! Have a good week. It is Hump Day!! Happy Wednesday!

(If you are looking towards a behavior chart like this, I have mine marked down for the rest of the week!

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