Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apple Fun

I just wanted to post real quick, I finished my apple unit today. There are 4 centers and 5 activities.

apples math unit

There are two math centers: Matching Ten Frames and Numbers, and then there is Counting Apple Seeds.

There are also two ELA centers. Matching Upper and Lowercase letters, and beginning sounds.

apples math unit1

There are two Anchor Charts that you can do with your kids, a KWL chart and a Apple Color Graph.

There is also a Number Magnetic set. Students either spell out the number word or match the number with magnets.

There is also an “I Have. Who Has” ABC game and “Crunch” Apple sight word game.

My kids love this, I am sure your kids will too!

I have been gone since Wednesday. Can’t wait to see their little faces Smile

Have a great week!