Friday, October 26, 2012

Blue and White Day

Well to round  off Red Ribbon week, today was Blue and White day. We all wore our Wardog Blue and said NO to drugs. What a BIG day we had!
We have two, yes TWO guests today. The first being…
Officer Hofficer…Isn’t he handsome :)  He talked about Bike Safety. I was SHOCKED at how many of our kids don’t wear a helmet! He is so good with our kids and of course they think he hung the moon!
Then our second guest were…..Our Cheerleaders and Oggie Doggie. They came to tell us to say NO to drugs!
Mrs. Hoffer HAD to have a picture with Oggie, we have one with me when I was little.

I am finishing up a unit on turkeys. It is super cute if I do say so myself
turkey center
Leave me a comment guessing how many  pages there is and if you are the closest  you will win a copy!
Hope you have a good Friday Night and Saturday!!