Sunday, October 7, 2012


I really wanted to name this “Ah Read Monsters!” that was the BEST show Nickelodeon ever made! We are starting Monsters this week. I just finished my Monster unit and it is posted to TpT.


I LOVE this unit! I just know my kids are going to love it to! Now I was lazy last night, instead of printing the ink saver option, I went for the full color. But there are two options. Ink Saver, where you print one colored paper, and the paper saver, which are the ones I am going to show you.


This center works on number order. We are still working on the numbers 0-5, and those of us who have it can go onto 6-10.


DIFFERENTATION! This center you can either choose to use 0-9 OR 10-20. The students draw a card and have to fill in a ten frame.


Rhyming words, The students have to match the words, and circle the word that rhymes.


Beginning sounds. Is it just me, or do we do beginning sounds until Forever!


Write the Room. Sight Words are posted, and you can either have them write the sightword, or find letters. Another Differentiation.


You should know by now, I Can.Not. Go a unit with out doing BOO Games! Love them! These are Sight Words (Obviously Smile)


And letter naming, a lot of us are still working on this skill.


My FAVE thing from this entire unit! I didn’t have a pocket chart at home. You print off all the doors. Put the monsters behind two of them. The students have to say the “Name” of the door to see if the monster is hiding behind that door! Can’t wait to take pics of it in action this week!

Well I am off to go eat Lunch with my family. We be back soon with pictures of the centers in action and the rest of the unit.

Have a good Sunday!