Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why is the Weekend So Short?

This is my Sunday thoughts…every week. Why is the weekend so short? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my kinder kiddos, but there is something about not getting off the couch  and staying in my PJs I LOVE. As per my sunday ritual I have been laminating and printing this morning.

My Hubby took me on a date yesterday morning, we went to all the same places, Michaels, Kohls, Sams :)

You betcha I stocked up!  IMG_2458

Lamination, Cardstock, Scentos, Ink, and a little brain candy. Not sure why I was out of all these things?! ;)

So this morning I was armed with all my goodies and am ready to show you what we are doing this week.


My new Halloween Centers, They are late going up, so I have them marked down to $6 and they are on Sale until tonight for $4.80!


My first set of Centers is Terrifying Tallies- The students have to identify the tally and write on the response sheet.


Then we have Scary CVC words. Students have to Sssstttrreeetch the word out and write down every sound they hear.


Now we have Spooky Sounds, differentiating the beginning sounds, which say /m/ and which don’t.


And our last center this week “Witchy Poo, What is in your Brew?”  Working on the counting and being able to write the number.

I am working on laminating some more things for the week. Some are mine, and some are from my fabulous Blogging friends!


TL and BL: Beginning Sound Pocket Chart and some CVC word work for Small Group. These are from Sarah Shelton’s Halloween Fun Unit.

TR: Is from Donna Glynn’s Puurrrfectly Fast Letters, Gotta Work on some more LNF for DIBELS

BR: This is from Marsha at Differentiated Kindergarten’s Spooky I Spy. My kiddos go GAGA over these bad boys!


Top Left: This is a Write the Room from Nicole @ Rowdy in Room 300’s Fun and Kooky Halloween Stations

The other three are from my Halloween Unit. Favorite Candy Graph, Number BANG! game, and Find the Candy Sight word game.


Top:We are also working on CVC words, that December DIBELS sure scares the snot out of me.  This is from Julie Van Alst. It is her CVC Game board 

Bottom:  This adorb is from my Bloggy BFF Jennifer @ Herding Kats. It is a roll and cover. My kids die for these too! (Click for Link)


Then I found these cuties at Dollar Tree back in September, I am going to have the kiddos roll a die and fill the ten frame up and record it. Marsha has a cute activity to go with these right here!

By the way! This is my 100th Post! I am SO grateful to have all of my bloggy friends and followers! You all make me a better teacher!