Monday, October 29, 2012

Picture Day

Today was Picture Day. On a Monday morning, Not. Fair! I was up way late last night finishing the book I bought on Saturday. So I was running a little behind this morning.
I was greeted this morning with a chorus of “Mrs. Hoffer, I  LOVE your hair cut!” I had to tell them, I haven’t cut my hair in 7 months, this is what it looks like out of a ponytail. 

This is how I organize my centers.
Behind those green rectangles are my kiddos pictures. We move the cards of the centers up. I announce who goes where. We are not able to figure this out independently yet.
Aren’t those cards just the cutest. They are on my friend Deedee Wills’ TPT. It almost works perfectly, I have a red, yellow, green, and blue table. So Math 1 goes to the green table, Math 2 goes to the blue table, Word Work A goes to the yellow table, and Word Word B is the odd man out, they go to the red table. (Yes this drives me nuts! I am trying to figure out a way other than a red sticker)
This is how I organize Math and Word Work tubs. The kids know where they are and they go get them when I call their name.
This is my writing center. That is a TON of Sterlite containers. Please ignore the mess, I took this right after centers, before I picked up. You can see the Stamp container. The big white one holds extra papers, construction paper and lined paper. The little shoe box hold our “special” stuff, our hole punches, fancy scissors and stickers. Then green and black one holds smelly markers , colored pencils and daubers.
You can also see the word rings and crayon lost and found.
We are finishing up Bats in our literacy unit. We are reading Bats by Gail Gibbons. We are focusing on Main Idea. Please don’t judge my anchor chart, it is ugly!
Then as we read, we pulled out some vocabulary. I was really impressed, my kiddos knew what nocturnal means, AND related it to their life. “Mrs. Hoffer- Lexi (our class hamster) is nocturnal, she sleeps during class!” Proud Teacher moment!
Slide5Did I mention that art is not my strong suit. Those pictures would be a moon, heat waves and echolocation. I really am not promising they are spelled right either!
Well I am off to bed, I need to catch up on last nights sleep! Have a good Tuesday/Halloween Eve!