Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I love Halloween, but on the other hand, I HATE Halloween! This is my second year to do my fun Halloween story. As you all know, Hubs is a Police Officer, well last night he was at our carnival, and one of his coworkers came to eat with us.
Well I told me kids that while he was there, we heard them call an emergency to Walmart. There was a WITCH! She was going up and down the aisles and replacing all the bagged food with witchy poo ingredients. Her mission was to make all of our town sick!
Well Mrs. Hoffer to the rescue! I snuck behind her and snatched up the naughty food!
We had “maggots” “warts'” shrunken animals” “dried goldfish” “eye of newt” “Blood vessels” “ghost poop” “Fingernail clipppings” “snakes” “fish” and “worms”
As we mixed we learned, that if we are quiet, the potion will work and the kids will become smart, if not it will be yucky and make them sick!
Well thankfully the kids were quiet, and repeated “Witchy Poo what is in your brew” and “hocus pocus now lets focus” just right and were SUPER quiet, because it was DELISH! (So they tell me, Mrs. Hoffer just munched on those blood vessels)
What fun we had! Mrs. Hoffer dressed up as a Oklahoma State Football player!

I am exhausted! I am off to work on my Thanksgiving pack! If you missed out on my Halloween packs they are on Sale in my store, get them now in preparation for next year!
Happy Haunting tonight!