Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lesson Plan Sunday

Doesn’t everyone sit and do lesson plans all day on Sunday? Oh I guess I am the only one :) I cheated on my laminator, and went and got my old one from school.Slide1

My new Scotch just isn’t cutting it. About do drive this girl up the wall.

Aren’t those turkeys cute! They are from my newest Turkey Unit. It has 4 centers. 2 Math and 2 ELA.

turkey center

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The first center is working on tally marks. When my kids do tally marks, I hear a cute little chorus of “1234 Number 5 shuts the door” Too. Cute.


Then we are going to work on CVC words. This is still a new concept so one of our aids will do this center with the kids.


Then we are starting on ending sounds too. My kids are grouped with like leveled friends, so my lower one, I will sit with and help do this one as well.


Then identifying teen numbers, and filling in a ten frame.

I have my 1st evaluation tomorrow. I am going to have my kiddos vote for a type of candy. And using tally marks and a t-chart we are going to find out what our favorite kind is. I will post it tonight when I get it up and going.

Hope you have a GREAT week. I gotta get off and work on evaluation stuff.