Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Long Time no See

Hi friends! I am BACK! I KNOW you missed me! :) No for real, I waited to post until I was home and hubs was home. He won’t let me say when we are Out of Town. We left home on Wednesday and I got home Sunday, and I went and got hubs last night. I drove over 24 hours this Thanksgiving break and I am beat!
Look who missed me! He couldn’t get more than 3 inches away from me.
But back to what is going on in Kindergarten! Slide4
I tried to do laundry at school and I washed a pillow and it exploded in the washer! Oops!
A little anchor chart. Please don’t judge me by my pictures. Those are peppermints and Christmas lights. My kids thought I was fabulous! Have you heard of Koo Koo Kangaroo? If not stop what you are doing and go YouTube them! My kids LOVE their song “The Dinosaur Stomp” We were dancing today after math and my principal came in and started “stomping” with us! SO much fun!
And I have one rule. You DO not start decorating for Christmas until after my Birthday. But we are going to a play tomorrow and I think a little “Santa Fear” will be a good helper :)
Introducing Elfy. Last year she was a boy elf, this year a girl, so she doesn’t have a name. If you leave me ideas, the best “namer” will win a copy of my game…
find the elf
I will wait until tomorrow to name her.


  1. Too cute! My elf is being "delivered" from the North Pole on Monday - there's just something about it still being November that prevents me from breaking out all of the Christmas stuff just yet lol!

    I would vote for Kandy Kane, or maybe Elfira lol!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. Our elf will be arriving from the North Pole on Monday. How about cookie the elf?

  3. Love Elf on the Shelf! How about Pixie, or Dottie for the elf's name?

  4. I love your EOTS! What about the name Jingle Belle?