Thursday, February 21, 2013

What going On in Kindergarten

Hi friends! I know I know. It has been to long since I have posted!
Monday we had a Professional Day, which means we only have had school Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I was awoken by a phone call that said because of this:
We didn't have school today! It doesn't look that bad, but the streets were horrible! And it is supposed to freeze tonight.

Back to what we have been doing on Tuesday and Wednesday.
We did these cute activities, the page is from this Freebie President’s Day Mini Unit and the craftivity is from A Cupcake for the Teacher’s president's day {craftivities: Washington & Lincoln}


We have been talking a lot about the writing standards in the Common Core. K.W.7(participate in a shared research and writing product)  is the one we are specifically using and then using a little K.RIT.9 (Identify basic similarities/differences between two text)

It is AMAZING what these kinderkids can do when you push them!

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  1. I like your George Washington activity. They love learning fun facts don't they? I enjoyed my snow day too, I wonder if it will be cold enough tonight for us to get another one? I live in OKC.
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