Friday, April 5, 2013

Long Week

Hi friends! It has been a long week, and I am sorry I have been absent recently. We have had a difficult two week at the Hoffer house.

But I am going to go ahead and get back into the blogging groove with:




One of my parents bought me this shirt to wear this week! It lights up, and I LOVE it. We played with it all day and by noon the batteries had died Sad smile



Dyed Easter Eggs with the little Sister in Law (Little is not really an appropriate word, she is 7 and hits my chin).. They make the best deviled eggs.



Look at what my friend Tiffani found on the front page of TPT!!! Can you say might be time to update my featured products lol



We are working on composing numbers 11-19, and one of my babies did this during free choice



Hubby’s grandfather passed away on Wednesday morning. He has been sick for a long time and is in a better place now. We made our second trip in less than 5 days yesterday up to where they live. Which included a drive through of the town where we met. A little drive down memory lane.