Thursday, June 20, 2013

a little #TBT

Cara over at The First Grade Parade is doing this FAB linky, of course I am linking up! (What else would I be posting?) We are posting some old blog posts.
This post actually was a guest post I did, so it is somewhat new to y’all here.
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I was thinking and thinking and thinking and it hit me! Hey, you DO have a pretty good way of keeping your monthly ideas together!
This was the view of my classroom midsummer when I implemented my new system.
Classroom Organization, organizing books by month
I will spare you the pictures of the MOUNTAINS of books that it whittled down to this! I sat in a circle and sorted my books by month. It took me FOR-EV-ER!
Then I laid the rest of the 9 tubs on the floor, and as I came across centers, pencils, cutouts, or anything that I would need that month, into the tubs it went.
Classroom Organization, organizing my "stuff" by month
This is how I keep my tubs. See the yellow arrow, those are my tubs. Top row is my “stuff” tubs and bottom row holds my books.
Now you ask, you have your pencils, books, premade centers, where are all your files. Well I have one answer for you.
My new external hard drive! I have no paper copies of anything, other than my books. Which I keep within a reach of my computer.
This is my book and dvd/cd library. For teacher hands ONLY


  1. Love the cubbies you have to keep your books in. Great idea!! I am too scared to go paperless. I wish I could do it. Maybe I will try????


  2. I am like you in that I no longer keep paper files. I keep everything in my google docs and back that up. Love all your organization!