Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1

Hello my friends…It is SUMMER TIME!!!! That explains why I have not been around here. I have been busy pinning crafts, reading a book on Guided Reading, cleaning my classroom…Wait, is that not what teachers are supposed to do over summer. Remember my job is my hobby :)

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It is the time of the month again. Time to link up with Farley and her Currently!


Listening: To Love it or List it. Mindless Drabble…

Loving: That it is summer break!!! I am so EXCITED!

Thinking that I need to be more productive, super productive at reading, sleeping in, pinning. Not so much about cleaning house, dishes, cooking or laundry.

In response to previous I need to get off my hinny and do some cleaning! I wish someone would come do it for me!!

And my three essentials: A Good Book, A BIG Dr. Pepper and my Hubster. Have been enjoying seeing him more since we have been out of school.

See ya later!!