Monday, August 12, 2013

Let’s Talk About ME!

Wow! Who knew the sun was up this early?! I sure didn’t this summer! Today is the day! I am back at school! I might have had a teensy problem last night going to bed. So I am super draggy today. Womp Womp. Buuttt… Did I mention it is my favorite week! It is:

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So lets take a look at today’s topic….



My name is Kaci!

(that is me with my High School mascot Oggie!)


I am married to a police officer! My kids call him “Officer Hofficer”

(Isnt he just the cutest thing EVER?!)

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This will be my 4th year teaching. I teach in the same little school district that I grew up in. I might have said it before, but my family is the only 3 Generation family to work in our district, and we are the longest running family to have consistently worked here. It is a pretty special thing!

(This is me and my Papaw, he started teaching, taught until my mom started in our district, and she and my aunt have been here since!)


I have a lot of cousins, and no siblings. So these two brats make up for that! They are like my sisters. The oldest is going away to college this week, and it makes me so sad! And unfortunately, it isnt to Oklahoma State :( (Are you noticing a lot of orange yet Winking smile )


I have two puppy brothers sons. Atlas and Leo. They like to sleep ON TOP of me while I work on the laptop.


I was am a complete nerd. Please ask my husband. He will agree Smile I went to “MuggleCast” (For those of you muggles, it was a PodCast for Harry Potter fans) and have been to the Midnight release of the last 4 Harry Potter books, in costume….


I love my job, but what makes me love it even more is, my best friend works with me! It is a pain in our principals side, but it is nice to work together!


And one last picture before I go. This is me, on my first day of Kindergarten, laying in my moms bathtub, that has now made a special place in my classroom!


Hope you have a good week! I better go to work now!! See you tomorrow!!