Sunday, August 11, 2013

What I have been working on!

It is that time of year! I go back to school TOMORROW!  We have meetings Mon and Wed, and a Work Day and Open House on Tuesday.

My favorite week of linkys is next week too! I will be linking up with the girls at Blog Hoppin!


But until then, I have been working super hard on some new items!

sneaker splatcoconut tree boom

These may or not go well with back to school book favorites :)

Then I made this freebie!
coconut tree letters

And then I redid this unit, I went from 62 pages to 171!! There are 4 centers, 3 games and 5 Apple Activities with Anchor charts! Wow-O-Wow!


I am off to finish my room! I hope you have a good back to school time!