Happy Sunday

Hi Friends! I am sorry I have not been around recently! I have had strep and home visits this week, on top of school starting tiredness!! 

I promised the other day when I did the classroom pictures that I would come back with a view of my entire classroom. I am standing in the middle of my room.


Here is my computer, the “turn in tree”, mail boxes and the computer station.  Also now there is a road carpet where the blocks go and the empty sensory table. (I know I need to use it!)


Then you turn slightly and you have my red and yellow tables, the writing center, my big books and my supply area. You can also see where I am going to keep track of my ball words.


Then to the right of my writing table, you can see my library. It has lots of comfy places to read. There is also where I keep my level books, it is hiding behind my table storage spots.


There is my dorky husband. I wish he was always in my classroom Smile But this is my Guided reading table, which doubles as my blue table. You can also see my green table in the front.Slide4

Here you can see my cubbies (they are a mess don’t look to close!) You can see how I use the top two rows here. There is my easel and my rocker is there now.


Here is my focus wall. My smart board, my little bulletin board where I have my I Can statements. Also that tree right now holds my “Top Bananas” but will hold vocabulary when we start to focus more on math vocab.

I have another post that is more little things here  that you can go take a look at. Then here is a post that better explains how my room is organized for the little darlings here.

Before I head out, I wanted to share a couple of things that I have been working on.

anchor chart

This pack has 5 apple themed anchor charts and graphs for your kiddos!

football ihwh abc

This is free for today only! Then it will be $1. It is so cute!!

Have a great Labor Day!!!


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  1. Your room looks ready for learning and fun...Kindergarten learning requires a whole new level of organization! Have a great year!!