Sunday, September 15, 2013

Peek at my Week

I promise I post more than just on Sundays  (Okay maybe that is a lie Winking smile )I try to post more, but being in Grad School, preparing to present and teaching, takes up a lot of time, and something has to fall to the back burner. But I am on FB a lot, so follow me over there to learn about great deals, and to get a laugh or two!

Anyway, I am taking a peek at my week with Mrs. Wills!



A lot is the same as last week. Since we didn’t get to all the centers we are going to do it again this week.

Here are some pics of it in action last year, keep in mind, I redid the unit, so it is the same concept but cuter clipart Smile


Working on letter order. Bale of Hay game, the students have to identify the missing letter and write it on their response sheet.


This is Pumpkin Pie sounds, they have to match the pie to pumpkin that has the beginning sound of the letter. Then record on the response sheet.


Matching numbers and number words. The students have to write the number word on the response sheet.


This center is matching numbers to a ten frame. The students have to fill out the blank ten frame on the response sheet.

I hope you have a great week! I am enjoying spending time with my Hubby’s family!

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