Friday, October 18, 2013

Center Rotations

I have had a lot of people ask me recently how I run my center rotations. So I figured I would share :)


This is what my rotations look like. You see me, a sensory table, Tub A, iPad, Tub 1, Me, Tub B, Library, Tub 2, Writing Center.

This is what my 1st little group does. So you can see that they do 4 rotations a day for about 15 minutes. All groups will see me four out of five days a week. I am built into the rotation so I don’t have to pull groups, it is automatic that they see me! I have 5 small groups. My Sweet n' Lows(1), Lows(2), Med Low(3), Med High(4), and High(5). Then I break them into two groups to do centers. 


This is what my kiddos see.
center rotation
(Please keep in mind this is a picture from last year, so the cards are different as are the stations)

The center cards go up, so the top group will go to computers the next rotation.

The tubs are very easy to manage.  On Friday afternoon I change out the tubs. There are two math and two reading tubs.

Here is a picture from February. I sit down and put the pieces and response sheets in their actual tubs.

Now here comes the exciting new part!!

Are you listening…

Dry erase pockets!!!

I am really trying to cut down on paper in my room, and I noticed that I was going a whole week without checking papers, and it took me a good million years to do so.

So we are going to try something new this week! This is going to be WAY easier for me!

1) I can easily check for correct answers
2) Less papers for me to manage
3) INSTANT feedback with the kids
4) They will do their best to get a punch on their Star Punch Card! (Deedee Wills talks about it here)

I hope that cleared some things up! I will be around tomorrow for a Peek at my Week: Spiders and Bats!


  1. Hi. I love the look of your centers. Would you mind explaining when you pull your groups and also explaining the "cheat sheet"? Thanks :)


  2. LOVE IT! I have 3 (should be 4 groups ...maybe this will help that over under!! I love how you built you into the rotation. I had great nearly daily 5 going last year but could never figure out how to "pull kids lol" seemed "wrong" to keep them from the other work that I felt was important too!! I might have to try this in the coming weeks. Seems like a better balance between the good & the new.