Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun with Lakeshore

I am LOVING my fall break! I have slept in everyday and lounged around watching tv and playing on my laptop. Then I remembered that I had a review to post!

Some of you have seen these pics on Instagram or Facebook! (If not you should TOTALLY follow me on there so you can see things two months before I post about it on my blog Winking smile )

Lakeshore sent me these goodies!


Let me just tell you how much I LOVE these bad boys!

IMG_2918.JPG (2)

I got this little cutie to play the alphabet magnetic tin with me. The kids flip over the top of the tin and put one of the mats in and they have to match the beginning sounds or their matching letters. There are 15 activity mats in the Alphabet set. So easy for the beginning of the year.

IMG_2906.JPG (2)

Then there is the phonemic awareness tin. This one has rhyming and beginning sounds. There are 15 cards in this set as well. Look at how easy it is to store the magnets and cards. They stay all together in one easy tin.

IMG_2910.JPG (2)

Look at how much fun these are! There are easy to understand images on the top of the card so the students can figure out what to do with out having to ask an adult.  The third set they sent me, (We didn’t get a picture because we needed to work on phonemic awareness and letters) is a Word Building Tin. It also has 15 mats, but it has students build CVC words, with missing initial, medial and ending sounds.

This is such an easy center for your kiddos to have. Once they know how to use one set, they can use them all!

Well I am laminating and cutting out centers for the next week. Have a great evening!


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