Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lucky St. Pat

I just love St. Patrick’s day. All the mischief and fun! I went up to school today and got my centers ready for tomorrow. I just love these guys, they are so cute!

This is a perfect center for St. Patrick's Day. Rainbow and CVC words are a great combination.
I gave my kiddos a quick assessment on identifying vowels in CVC words. I don’t know if it is the Okie twang but we can not hear the medial vowel. So we are going to be working on the missing vowel.

Pots of Gold are lucky. St. Patrick's Day is all about pots of Gold and what a great way to work on Ten Frames.
I think this is my favorite for the week. We are working still on teen numbers. They draw a pot of gold, and write the number on the ten frames.

St. Patrick's Day centers on how to make ten.
How many to make ten. Always good for review.

St. Patrick's Day center. Ending sounds with shamrocks!
And working with ending sounds.

These are all in this pack! 

This unit has 6 St. Patrick's Day themed centers and 3 St. Patrick's Day themed games! It is ready to Print and Go!  This unit hits ending sounds, syllables, Missing Vowels, Ten Frames, Making Ten and Subtraction.

Come back by tomorrow. I might have a "Bright Idea" up my sleeve!