Sunday, March 9, 2014

March Bright Idea

Hey friends! Welcome to my Bright Idea! If you are new around here my name is Mrs. Hoffer!
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My favorite part of my kids day is Centers. My kids learn so much, and are really becoming Independent little people!

I have started telling them that they have to use their brains when they come ask me a question. The one I hear all the time is “Mrs. Hoffer where is my center”. I would hear it about 20 times a day (that is 5 centers times 4 rotations). So Mrs. Hoffer had to problem solve. How could I make my students more independent?

I have four tubs. I learned real quick that I had to put them in the same spot, so they could get it and put it back in the same spot.

There they are. Math Tub 1 and 2. Reading Tub A and B. They go back to the same spot where they got it, so the next group can find it.

Then I was noticing that we were all the time putting the iPod down and forgetting where we put it. It was never by the charger, WITH the listening headphones or listening sheet. This makes rotations VERY hectic! So Mrs. Hoffer had another brilliant idea!
Enter the bag that I bought off VistaPrint about 3 years ago! The headphones, listening sheet and iPod all fit in the bag. AND the bag can hang off the corner of my cart where the charger is. It is a win win for us all!

Those are two great ideas on how to keep your centers organized!

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