Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sight Word Centers

Hey friends! I have a guest post from my friend Mary. I bought this pack a couple of weeks ago and couldn't wait to tell you all about it! But instead, let's have Mary tell you!! I just LOVE her sight word centers.

I am Mary from Sharing Kindergarten.

I am here to share with you something I am so excited about... Sight Word Stations! mission to teach my little wonderfuls sight words continues with my next pack of Sight Word Stations.
I created these packs because I found my students needed time to work with sight words, play games with the words, and create these words and sentences with these words to really "learn" these words.

My mission started in the fall when I began to think of ways to really help my students LEARN these important words, not just memorize them. I wanted them doing so many things, my brain kept spinning.

When I got the idea to use Sight Word Stations, my kids fell in love.
Their engagement skyrockets with their new found ability to use words like never before.

My students were highly interested in completely fun activities.
Because there are so many different levels and differentiation in the pack,
ALL my little learners were learning the words. 
{Every student in my room has learned at least one word a week.
Most of my students have learned ALL the 6 words for that week.}

Perfection right? Almost.
Everyone was happy, but, man, the prep time was killing me.
I simply didn't have enough time to plan and prep that many stations.

So I created these Sight Word Station packs.
My first pack was dedicated to the PrePrimer List.

 This pack is all about those Primer words.
Each week, I created 14 activities that are easy to prep for you and fun for your students to play. 

Let's Talk Prep!

To prepare these stations, I print out the colored sheets at home. 
I run them through my laminator too.
{Thanks to the hubs for the awesome Christmas present.} 
It only takes a few minutes since only a few sheets in this pack are colored. 
And keep in mind that this only has to be done once. 
You can reuse these each year. 
{This week, I color printed and laminated only 7 sheets total
just to give you an idea of how quick of a task this is to complete.}

I place these sheets into a file folder and take it to school.
 At school, I print out the black and white copies that
I need and add them to my folder as well.
Since I usually run about 8 of the 14 station activities, I only have to make a few copies.
{Remember these stations are about hands on fun, so even the worksheets are fun!}

Here is the file I bring to school ready to prep.

Then, I lay out my table baskets.
Here is the beautiful part.
Including making copies... this takes me 10 minutes to set up.
{That includes me cutting apart the laminated pieces as well.
Notice they were still together in the file I brought to school.}

Copies take 5 minutes, cutting takes 2, and baskets reset take 3 minutes.

My pink basket goes on the carpet and
 has these cool Doodle Magic Boards in them, 
with a sight word tent.

Here is a peek at my baskets from this week.
You can see for the orange basket, 
I added another sight word tent and sight word puzzle pieces.
{The tent give the students a reference for what words they are working on. 
I don't want them looking around the room or trying to remember. 
I want it obvious
Plus, the more they see these words and build these words and say these words... 
the more likely they are to use them and remember them.}

This purple basket holds the memory game
which is a HUGE hit in my room.
I had to make the rule to play once a day... 
I have many little wonderful who will stay here
 all day 
every day!

The green basket is for secret code words
another simple activity that is very meaningful and fun!
Students match the numbers to the letter to build sight words.
This is a great review of numbers and letters.
{There is also a version with a QR Code to check their own work as well.}

Another basket is this blue one for Rainbow Words.
This prep is easy... add the pages and double check the crayon baggies.

This week's baskets {Primer week 7}are right here ready to go!
Want to see how we use these stations?
Check out THIS post to see them in action and to check out more station pictures.

Thanks Mary!! I just LOVE her centers! She is giving away a copy of them! Just follow the directions below!! Good Luck!!!

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