Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bugs Bugs Bugs!

I am LOVING teaching my kids about Insects! At the end of last week we started our insect unit, and began with ants. We started by watching a Magic School Bus video on Ants.

We started out the lesson by talking about the lifecycle of the ant.
We then read this book on Ants.

Then we started a Can Have Are chart. I am a bad teacher, I accidently deleted it off my smart board before I could take a picture! So this is what I used. (You can find it in my preview of my Ant Life Cycle on TPT)
Later this week we are going to be making a book that talks about what ants can, ants have and ants are.

As we were doing the can have are chart, we read this book to understand what makes an insect an insect.

Then we did this cutie! (Also in my preview of my Ant Life Cycle on TPT)
(You can see the book open that I was reading while we did this)

The kids LOVED it! I was really surprised how much they retained. The book that we read, just happened to be a 1.2 AR leveled book so all my kids took a test on it, and almost all of them made a 100%!

This week we are going to do units on Butterflies, Praying Mantis, and Ladybugs.
butterflies unitSlide1Slide1

In the mean time we are starting a new set of centers.
Working on vowel teams, sneaky e, comparing numbers and number order.

I am linking up with Mrs. WIlls again this week!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Frogs, Chicks and Butterflies!

Whoa.. .What!? Kaci is blogging! To explain my absence is a long laundry list of reasons, so I will keep it simple Winking smile  If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some of these pics, but I have gone to the State Capitol with 27,000 of my closest friends to tell legislators that it is not okay to not fund Education. There is 678,000 reasons to give education better funding!

We went to an out of town wedding. (Isn’t he just handsome!!)

And a lot of time spent on the front porch.

Hubs schedule has changed 3 times in the last three weeks. Masters and I have been working some Baseball games. But Hubs is asleep so my boys and I are enjoying the back porch and sunshine!
2014-04-19 10.13.14-2

So anywho, what are me and my kiddos up to… Well, it is state testing time, so we are being quiet little church mice! Then when the big kids are done testing, we go to the park where we can be as loud as possible! We are learning about velocity of the swings, how hard to kick the soccer ball, and of course working on oral language skills Winking smile But seriously, we play educational games too while we are there. We have been working on data too!

Okay, back to what we are doing in the classroom!
We have a few visitors!

We have 18 eggs and 5 butterflies. My kids are AMAZED! They want to learn all about them. So we have been doing lifecycle stuff in my room.

This is just one of my lifecycles I am teaching. We are also learning about Butterflies, Chickens and Frogs.

So I made this cute set of centers. My kids will love it on Monday when they see it.

Well, I know what unit is coming up next, so I need to go finish this unit, (It is only $5 for the rest of today, while I finish it up!)Slide1

Then I need to start on my Insect unit! I am a busy bee today! Smile I am linking up with Miss Deedee!

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