Monday, June 9, 2014

AR Flashcards

I know, that sounds so boring. Why do I want to even know about AR Flashcards. That is what I thought when I heard about them at the Technology Conference I went to a couple of weeks ago. She told us to download the app, and I did hesitantly. But WOW am I ever glad I did. AR doesn’t stand for “Accelerated Reader” it stands for “Augmented Reality”. The app looks like this when you go searching for it in the app store.

2014-06-09 19.12.11


Looks interesting enough right? Well just wait until the next part! When you open the app, it looks like this:


You are going to click the button that says “Get Started”, but before we go that far, you need to go to and print the ABC Flashcards, laminate and cut.


Now get your little iPod, iPhone, iPad out and get ready to have kindergarten jaws drop!

When you hover the camera over the flashcards something amazing happens…


The pictures come to life! They are 3d! But what is going to make this great for me is, when you click on the picture, it says “P Penguin” so we are practicing our letter recognition! Yay!!


Well that is my fun little fact of the day, now go download the app and have it ready for Back to School time!! I can’t wait to put this in my “Listening to Reading” station! Smile


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