Friday, July 10, 2015

Morning Work

Hi friends!! Mrs. Hoffer here! What a week it has been for me! Instead of visiting the fabulous Las Vegas with all my friends this week, I have been stuck on the couch with ice bags! I had my tonsils out, and let me tell you. That is not fun!!!!

While I have been lounging on the couch I have been browsing some teacher facebooks. There has been a lot of question about what your kiddos do first thing in the morning. So I thought I would let you know what my kiddos do!

My students come in between 8am and 8:10am. Then we have a little morning meeting 8:15 to 8:25ish. So from 8 to 8:15 I have to get attendance, lunch count, and all their stuff put away.

So I needed something that they could do independently. Something that didn't take instruction and didn't waste a lot of paper. 

I found these little C-Line pocket erasers on Groupon last summer (now I found them on Amazon!)

I type up each of the kiddos names on dotted lined font (I used this KG font, it is free for personal use)

Then I cut each of their names out and put in their dry erase pocket. 

Then once they get their first name, we start with first and last name.

When they have mastered their names we go onto phone numbers and addresses. Then on Fridays, I allow them to draw on their board so they aren't just tracing their name all the time!

I hope this helps you with your daily routine!!

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