Saturday, July 11, 2015

Must Have Supplies in Kindergarten

It is that time of the year when I am starting my back to school shopping! It seems like every summer about the beginning of July, I start going back and seeing what I need. 

There are two kinds of supplies that I need. My student supplies (which for the majority of my kiddos they bring on the first day of school) Then there are the teacher supplies. These are the things that I typically spend my school supply money on. So I went over to Amazon (because lets be honest, with Prime, why would I shop any place else?!) And took note of all the things that I have bought for school. 

My number one thing I think that every kindergarten teacher needs is a laminator. 

I use this bad boy, EVERY DAY. I have one at home and I have one at school. I have gone through so many of these, because I use it all the time. *Side note, I prefer this older version of the Scotch Laminator. The newer one I find I have a harder time running lamination through the slot*

If I am going to have a laminator, I have got to have lamination sheets as well! 

I purchased this brand's 3Mil pouches and they were wonderful!! Unfortunately Amazon no longer carries the 3 mil, so I am buying the 5 mil! I am really excited for the thicker pockets. It will be more durable for my kinderroos!!

The next thing that I order, (even though they are on our school supply lists) We never get enough of them and I like to have a good supply of black Expos.

We use the tar out of these during center rotations, each set of kiddos during a work tub has a dry erase marker. And each of my kiddos has a dry erase marker in their bag for their morning work and their dry erase boards for daily use. So to say we need more than 48 dry erase markers in a year is an understatement!

For centers I use these dry erase pockets. 

I have to buy a new set every year, because they are being used 3-4 times a day. Every day of the year. They get tinted red (even though I do my best to remind them only to use black dry erase markers) they sometimes get sharpies on them instead of dry erase markers. And sometimes they get torn from being used so often. 

Another thing that I can not get enough of (and yes you can call me a pencil snob, that is okay with me) is Ticonderoga pencils.

I bought these January 11th, and we just started to run out in May. This was a heck of a deal!! One I will be repeating!! 

I feel like I should buy stock in cardstock! I swear I go through a ream a week! (This is because I print and laminate both my teaching partners and my centers every week!)

This is the cardstock that I stock up on! It is a great deal, and who can complain that it shows up on your front porch and I don't even have to go to Sams?!

I am afraid to admit how many of these Mr. Sketch smelly markers I actually have!!

I love love love Mr. Sketch markers. They are the only markers that I use. I use them on papers, I use them on Anchor Charts and I use them in staff meetings to take notes.  (I will point out that this is at the beginning of the year, and that tub was FULL of markers!!!

I have bought one of A Modern Teacher's planners for the past two years! 

They are the absolute BEST binders hands down!! I am about ready to buy this cutie this year!

Besides my Mr. Sketch pens, I am obsessed with Flair pens!

I swear I have about a million of these laying around my room, in my purse, in my backpack. They are everywhere!! (But of course I can only find the olive green or yellow when I need them! Never the pink or purple!)

And last but not least. My #1 product I can not live without in my classroom is my Silhouette Cameo!!

I use my Cameo for everything! From my word wall to my bulletin board letters. I am using HTV to make their bags. So they will have ownership of their bags. 

Here are just a few of the things that I used my Cameo to make. (both for my classroom and my personal home decor)

Well those are just a few of the things that I will be stocking up on at Amazon in the upcoming month!  

This post does contain affiliate links to Amazon. However, there is nothing in here that I would not purchase myself for my classroom. I hope you can find something that you need for your room.